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I feel like the Conditioning Wash doesn’t clean my hair enoughUpdated a year ago

Is this the first time you are using a co-wash instead of a traditional shampoo? Sometimes our

hair needs a bit of time to get used to the change of formula. Co-washes and traditional

shampoos cleanse the hair in a very different way. Shampoos have a higher cleansing

power, which can be drying and strip the hair’s natural oils (especially for curly hair), while

co-washes are more gentle. 

The more a shampoo strips the hair, the more your scalp will start producing oil to counter-balance that. When you stop using shampoo it might need a bit of time to regulate sebum production to adjust to the fact that it’s not being stripped of its natural oils anymore. That is why most people with curly hair start using more natural formulas talk about a ‘transitioning phase’. Keep trying for at least 15 days, and if you still feel like this after this time has passed then probably your hair needs a stronger cleanser.

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