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What is the difference between your conditioners?Updated a year ago

The base formula of our conditioners is similar, so they will both provide the same level of

slip and moisture. However, they have different ingredients that provide slightly different


- Our Post Biotic Calming Conditioner has a fresh, tingly sensation due to the mint and tea tree

essential oils. It helps calm and soothe the scalp while rebalancing microbiomes.

- Our Glow Perfecting Conditioner is enriched with ingredients that will help enhance your colour,

whether it is natural or dyed.

- Our Essential Moisture Conditioner is enriched with juicy ingredients that increase the moisture and hydration in the hair by 87% and offer long-lasting frizz control. It is lightweight in texture but rich in moisture. The conditioner melts onto your strands and provides the perfect slip for detangling.

- Our Shine Conditioner is fragrance-free and dermatologically tested, great for those with sensitivities and great to boost your hair’s shine.

- Our Multi-tasking Conditioner is enriched with proteins to strengthen the hair, and it

can also be used as a leave-in or deep conditioner.

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