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What is the difference between your styling products?Updated 2 years ago

Our styling products differ mainly in texture and hold level. Depending on your hair type,

you can combine several stylers together to achieve even better results!

Hold Me Softly Style Balm is a soft hold styling cream. It doesn’t create any cast and enhances waves and loose curls in a very natural way. Suitable for all hair types, although if you have tighter curls or coils you may want to layer with a gel styler. Hold level 1/10.

Bouncy Strength Volume Foam is a weightless protein-enriched styler that provides a soft hold and boosts volume whilst enhancing your natural curl; great for a lived-in, beach look. Hold level 2/10.

Feather Light Protein Cream is a unique cream formula that contains the technology of a gel without forming a cast; it’s great as a one-and-done styler. Suitable for all hair types, beneficial for weak damaged hair. Hold level 4/10

Shape Up Aqua Gel is our lightest gel, it is protein-enriched and super light in consistency, so it

spreads very easily on the hair and provides flexible definition and hold. Suitable for all curl types especially beneficial for damaged and weak hair, may form a slight cast depending on the amount used. Hold level 5/10.

Shine Jelly is a medium hold gel with a very liquidy texture, that makes it easy to evenly

coat every single strand. it creates a medium cast and is great to define all curl types.

Shine Jelly is fragrance-free, so it’s suitable for most people with scalp sensitivities. 6/10

Curl Defining Styling Souffle is a moisturiser and styling gel in one, its semi-solid, jell-o texture spreads easily through your curls and creates a medium buildable hold and definition, creating a strong cast depending on how much product is used; suitable for all curl types.

In-Shower Style Fixer is an extreme hold thick styling gel. It has a long-lasting hold, creates a strong cast and is great for all curl types that require high definition. Shine Gel is similar in

function, but it is fragrance-free, so it’s suitable for most people with scalp


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